List of Publications

“A Moment in Time,” The Penmen Review, July 2014
“A Fine Line,” r.kv.r.y Quarterly, July, 2016
“African Song,” descant, 2002
“Anniversary Waltz,” The Legendary, July 2011
“At the Sound of the Beep,” Jet Fuel Review, Fall, 2013
“Clueless in California,” OxMag, Summer 2015
“Confessions of the Hot Flash Queen,” Quercus Review, 2008
“Her Father’s Daughter,” EDGE, 2011
“Just Once,” Tower Journal, 2014

“Khrushchev in My Dreams,” Existere, 2013
“Mid-Solstice Night Dreaming,” riverSedge, 2003
“Of Pinafores and Satin Bows”, Literary Orphans, October 2017
“One Moment in Time”, The MacGuffin, 2012
“The Pail of Water,” 13th Moon, 2005
“Primal Fear,” Good Works Review, 2017
“Rush to Judgment,” Main Street Rag, Summer 2014
“Waking Up at Midnight,” Haight Ashbury, 2007

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